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Pastor Yorie Y. Gipson is an anointed Evangelist, Teacher, counselor, and Prophetess of the Word of God. She is the founder of God’s Redeeming Temple, Inc. Located in Duluth Ga She is the mother of three children: Dominique, Daniele, Davana. And the grandmother to Dylan. She was reared in the church and had the privilege of being instructed by some of God’s Generals such as Pastor Elizabeth Hairston of Rose of Sharon Ministries (Miami, FL), Pastor Nathaniel Jackson of Open-Door Ministries (Miami, FL), Bishop W. L. Bonner of Refuge Temple Church (Columbia, SC), and her current Pastor, Apostle Rose Bodiford of Exodus Church of Redemption (Orlando, FL). Pastor Yorie Gipson was ordained on March 16, 2014, where she seriously takes the charge of doing the work of an Evangelist. 

She organized several outreach initiatives that reflect the heart of God throughout the community. She founded Pushing Towards Excellence Inc. in 2011. This organization has several different programs, such as, Homeless Ministry, Prison Ministry, back to school book bag drive, and in 2018 she currently launches a weekly word of encouragement on Instagram live. Pastor Gipson has travelled extensively throughout the international regions preaching the gospel where man might be saved. Pastor Gipson is compassionate about souls and building the kingdom of God, she loves what she does and loves God’s people. She has been delivered from a place of hurt, abuse, and negativity, she has been assured a life which exemplifies God’s Grace. Pastor Gipson is not a novice in the Word of God, and she is equipped to minister the fivefold ministries, to the three dimensions of humanity - Spirit, Soul, and Body. Pastor Gipson has earned several degrees. such as, an Associate Degree, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice; She also, has a Master’s in Education Counseling, and an Education Specialist degree. Pastor Gipson is a former school teacher. Pastor(G) Gipson, was name motivational speaker of the year, 2020 Some her favorite sayings are “Stay the course and watch God move!” and “What, you do for Christ that the only thing will last.” One of her favorite scriptures is Psalms: 27.

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